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HP PIPING is one of the prominent leaders in oil & gas engineering and design services. Our engineering department is well diversified and highly skilled in all engineering aspects related to high pressure piping mud systems, Coded ASME vessels, two phase separators, structural skids, and well control equipment. Our capabilities are widely matured and deeply profound to create the complete mechanical design package to meet your new product needs, or to modify and improve an existing design to better fit your product application. 

We strive to satisfy your needs through a team of engineers and designers with an extensive experience in state-of-the art 3-D Cad software services based on high-end tools and equipment. Our services extends to cover the vast majority of CAD software such as AutoDesk Inventor, AutoCad 2-D, SolidWorks, Pro-E, Plant 3D, etc. 

Our vessels department is ready to aid you in your ASME coded/non-coded vessels needs either by providing a complete design package with all related 3-D models, flow charts, and calculation analysis, or by improving and developing existing designs to perfect your product. 

Our engineering services goes beyond office work and extends to cover job-site and field needs. Our team of field engineers and surveyors is well equipped with all necessary knowledge and tools needed to perform field surveys and provide real-time on site solution to any issue.

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