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Fabricated pieces, machined components, and industrial structures can be complex systems that experience extreme loads, wear, ill-fated handling, and fatigue during their lifetime. Non-destructive evaluation (NDE), or Non-destructive testing (NDT), enables the inspection of these components without permanently altering the equipment. It is a highly valuable technique that is often used to validate the integrity of materials, detect instabilities, discover performance issue(s), items outside of their tolerances, recognize failed or near failure components, and highlight a system becoming unsafe or near the end of its life cycle.

HP PIPING does in house and field services for visual inspections, UT, PT, or hydro testing. We have associates with local and abroad connections to perform RT, pull testing, and MP as needed and where needed. We specialize in UT wall thickness mapping and visual inspection reports of mud pipe, mud gas separators, and supplementary piping with the documents necessary to issue Inspection Certificates.

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